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Permalink to Movie Brother Bear (2003)
Movie Brother Bear (2003)
SynopsisWhen a young Inuit hunter needlessly kills a bear, he is magically changed into
Permalink to Movie The Lady (2011)

Movie The Lady (2011)

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Movie The Lady (2011)
SynopsisThe story of Aung San Suu Kyi as she becomes the core of Burma's
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Movie Bunraku (2010)

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Movie Bunraku (2010)
SynopsisThe story of a a young man who has spent his life searching for
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Movie Americano (2011)

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Movie Americano (2011)
SynopsisA man who returns to Los Angeles to wrap up his mother's estate sets
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Movie Trade (2007)

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Movie Trade (2007)
SynopsisAdriana is a 13-year-old girl from Mexico City whose kidnapping by sex traffickers sets
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Movie Get Smart (2008)

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Movie Get Smart (2008)
SynopsisA highly intellectual but socially awkward spy is tasked with preventing a terrorist attack
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Movie The Wash (2001)

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Movie The Wash (2001)
SynopsisWith the rent due and his car booted, Sean (Dr. Dre) has to come
Permalink to Movie Zombie High (1987)
Movie Zombie High (1987)
SynopsisA woman goes to a previously all-male boarding school on a scholarship. She begins
Permalink to Movie Last Seen in Idaho (2018)
Movie Last Seen in Idaho (2018)
SynopsisA woman awakens from a coma after a car accident and begins having shocking
Permalink to Movie Ghost Adventures (2004)
Movie Ghost Adventures (2004)
SynopsisIn this full-length documentary movie that inspired the hit Travel Channel series, Zak Bagans,
Permalink to Movie Eragon (2006)

Movie Eragon (2006)

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Movie Eragon (2006)
SynopsisIn his homeland of Alagaesia, a farm boy happens upon a dragon's egg --
Permalink to Movie Without a Paddle (2004)
Movie Without a Paddle (2004)
SynopsisAfter their friend dies, three men decide to fulfill their childhood dream by going
Permalink to Movie The Blackout (1997)
Movie The Blackout (1997)
SynopsisA debauched Hollywood movie actor tries to piece together one wild night in Miami
Permalink to Movie The Deep Blue Sea (2011)
Movie The Deep Blue Sea (2011)
SynopsisThe wife of a British Judge is caught in a self-destructive love affair with
Permalink to Movie Husk (2011)

Movie Husk (2011)

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Movie Husk (2011)
SynopsisA group of friends stranded near a desolate cornfield find shelter in an old
Permalink to Movie Arthur Christmas (2011)
Movie Arthur Christmas (2011)
SynopsisSanta's clumsy son Arthur sets out on a mission with St. Nick's father to
Permalink to Movie Codebreaker (2011)
Movie Codebreaker (2011)
SynopsisThe highs and lows of Alan Turing's life, tracking his extraordinary accomplishments, his government
Permalink to Movie Clerks (1994)

Movie Clerks (1994)

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Movie Clerks (1994)
SynopsisA day in the lives of two convenience clerks named Dante and Randal as
Permalink to Movie Happy Feet Two (2011)
Movie Happy Feet Two (2011)
SynopsisMumble's son, Erik, is struggling to realize his talents in the Emperor Penguin world.
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Movie Carnage (2011)

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Movie Carnage (2011)
SynopsisTwo pairs of parents hold a cordial meeting after their sons are involved in
Permalink to Movie Legendary Amazons (2011)
Movie Legendary Amazons (2011)
SynopsisIn early 11th century China, the Song Dynasty is being invaded by armies of
Permalink to Movie Tom Sawyer (2011)

Movie Tom Sawyer (2011)

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Movie Tom Sawyer (2011)
SynopsisTom Sawyer and his pal Huckleberry Finn have great adventures on the Mississippi River,
Permalink to Movie Burning Man (2011)
Movie Burning Man (2011)
SynopsisAn English chef with a chic restaurant on Bondi Beach trying to put his
Permalink to Movie The Dark Half (1993)
Movie The Dark Half (1993)
SynopsisA writer's fictional alter ego wants to take over his any price. Genre
Permalink to Movie Blackmail (1929)

Movie Blackmail (1929)

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Movie Blackmail (1929)
SynopsisAfter killing a man in self-defence, a young woman is blackmailed by a witness
Permalink to Movie Chasing Liberty (2004)
Movie Chasing Liberty (2004)
SynopsisAnna Foster has never had an ordinary life. At eighteen years old, she is