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Permalink to Movie The Shell Seekers (2006)
Movie The Shell Seekers (2006)
SynopsisArtist's daughter Penelope Keeling can look back on a full and varied life: a
Permalink to Movie About a Boy (2002)
Movie About a Boy (2002)
SynopsisA cynical, immature young man is taught how to act like a grown-up by
Permalink to Movie The Kingdom (2007)
Movie The Kingdom (2007)
SynopsisA team of U.S. government agents are sent to investigate the bombing of an
Permalink to Movie Over the Hedge (2006)
Movie Over the Hedge (2006)
SynopsisA scheming raccoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures into helping him repay
Permalink to Movie Lemon Tree Passage (2014)
Movie Lemon Tree Passage (2014)
SynopsisA couple of Australians introduce three American backpackers to the local legend of Lemon
Permalink to Movie The Overnighters (2014)
Movie The Overnighters (2014)
SynopsisBroken, desperate men chase their dreams and run from their demons in the North
Permalink to Movie The Laughing Mask (2014)
Movie The Laughing Mask (2014)
SynopsisIf you're guilty, beware The Laughing Mask. Jake Johnson lost his wife and child
Permalink to Movie Nightcrawler (2014)
Movie Nightcrawler (2014)
SynopsisWhen Louis Bloom, a con man desperate for work, muscles into the world of
Permalink to Movie Hit by Lightning (2014)
Movie Hit by Lightning (2014)
SynopsisDisappointed that all his friends are married and happy, Ricky goes on the dating
Permalink to Movie Chubbies (2014)

Movie Chubbies (2014)

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Movie Chubbies (2014)
SynopsisIt's Halloween night at the Bowl-o-Rama where Samantha and her friends are having a
Permalink to Movie Blood Ransom (2014)
Movie Blood Ransom (2014)
SynopsisA young woman fights the monster she's becoming to save the life of the
Permalink to Movie Mr. Turner (2014)

Movie Mr. Turner (2014)

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Movie Mr. Turner (2014)
SynopsisAn exploration of the last quarter century of the great, if eccentric, British painter
Permalink to Movie The Country Bears (2002)
Movie The Country Bears (2002)
SynopsisBeary Barrington goes on an adventure to save Country Bear Hall by getting the
Permalink to Movie The Dead Lands (2014)
Movie The Dead Lands (2014)
SynopsisAfter his tribe is slaughtered through an act of treachery, the teenage son of
Permalink to Movie Sweet Dreams (1985)
Movie Sweet Dreams (1985)
SynopsisThe story of Patsy Cline, the velvet-voiced country music singer who died in a
Permalink to Movie Gimme Shelter (2013)
Movie Gimme Shelter (2013)
SynopsisA pregnant teenager flees her abusive mother in search of her father, only to
Permalink to Movie Cub (2014)

Movie Cub (2014)

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Movie Cub (2014)
SynopsisOver-imaginative 12 year-old Sam heads off to the woods to summer scout camp with
Permalink to Movie The Mexican (2001)
Movie The Mexican (2001)
SynopsisA man tries to transport an ancient gun called The Mexican, believed to carry
Permalink to Movie Spy Kids (2001)

Movie Spy Kids (2001)

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Movie Spy Kids (2001)
SynopsisThe children of secret-agent parents must save them from danger. Genre : Action, Adventure,
Permalink to Movie Ghost Town (2008)

Movie Ghost Town (2008)

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Movie Ghost Town (2008)
SynopsisBertram Pincus is a man whose people skills leave much to be desired. When
Permalink to Movie Phat Girlz (2006)

Movie Phat Girlz (2006)

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Movie Phat Girlz (2006)
SynopsisTwo plus-sized ladies meet the men of their dreams in the most unexpected of
Permalink to Movie Drumline: A New Beat (2014)
Movie Drumline: A New Beat (2014)
SynopsisDanielle (Dani) Bolton, an upper class Brooklyn girl, defies her parents in order to
Permalink to Movie Happy Together (1997)
Movie Happy Together (1997)
SynopsisA couple take a trip to Argentina but both men find their lives drifting
Permalink to Movie Space Cowboys (2000)
Movie Space Cowboys (2000)
SynopsisWhen a retired engineer is called upon to rescue a failing satellite, he insists
Permalink to Movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
Movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
SynopsisA murder mystery brings together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief
Permalink to Movie The Guyver (1991)

Movie The Guyver (1991)

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Movie The Guyver (1991)
SynopsisA young man discovers a mechanical device that merges with his own body, turning
Permalink to Movie Lockdown (2000)

Movie Lockdown (2000)

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Movie Lockdown (2000)
SynopsisAvery (Jones) returns to college as a competitive swimmer after getting his life back