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Permalink to Movie Eureka (1983)

Movie Eureka (1983)

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Movie Eureka (1983)
SynopsisIn 1925, Arctic prospector Jack McCann becomes a rich man when he strikes gold
Permalink to Movie Love Actually (2003)
Movie Love Actually (2003)
SynopsisFollows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives
Permalink to Movie King of the Belgians (2016)
Movie King of the Belgians (2016)
SynopsisDesperate to return home from a state visit to Istanbul when his country suffers
Permalink to Movie Capricorn One (1977)
Movie Capricorn One (1977)
SynopsisA NASA Mars mission won't work, and its funding is endangered, so they decide
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Movie I Am Bolt (2016)

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Movie I Am Bolt (2016)
SynopsisThe legacy of the fastest man in history, Usain Bolt. Genre : Documentary, Biography,
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Movie Cellular (2004)

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Movie Cellular (2004)
SynopsisA young man receives an emergency phone call on his cell phone from an
Permalink to Movie Her Dark Past (2016)
Movie Her Dark Past (2016)
SynopsisAfter waking up from a coma, Alice has no memory. As she learns the
Permalink to Movie West Side Story (1961)
Movie West Side Story (1961)
SynopsisTwo youngsters from rival New York City gangs fall in love, but tensions between
Permalink to Movie The Christmas Swap (2016)
Movie The Christmas Swap (2016)
SynopsisA holiday wish becomes a magical Christmas switch in TV One's original movie The
Permalink to Movie Steel Magnolias (1989)
Movie Steel Magnolias (1989)
SynopsisA young beautician, newly arrived in a small Louisiana town, finds work at the
Permalink to Movie Gabbeh (1996)

Movie Gabbeh (1996)

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Movie Gabbeh (1996)
SynopsisAn elderly couple go about their routine of cleaning their gabbeh (a intricately-designed rug),
Permalink to Movie Till We Meet Again (2016)
Movie Till We Meet Again (2016)
SynopsisLanding in the paradise, cross-cutting back to the main characters past life in New
Permalink to Movie Kill Command (2016)
Movie Kill Command (2016)
SynopsisSet in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines. Genre
Permalink to Movie Christmas List (2016)
Movie Christmas List (2016)
SynopsisIsobel plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a cottage in the Northwest
Permalink to Movie Always Shine (2016)
Movie Always Shine (2016)
SynopsisBest friends Anna and Beth take a weekend trip to Big Sur, hopeful to
Permalink to Movie A Puppy for Christmas (2016)
Movie A Puppy for Christmas (2016)
SynopsisAfter adopting a cute puppy, Noelle's world is turned upside down when her boyfriend
Permalink to Movie Tank 432 (2015)

Movie Tank 432 (2015)

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Movie Tank 432 (2015)
SynopsisA team of mercenaries confront nightmarish visions when they become trapped inside an armoured
Permalink to Movie Dragon Wars: D-War (2007)
Movie Dragon Wars: D-War (2007)
SynopsisBased on the Korean legend, unknown creatures will return and devastate the planet. Reporter
Permalink to Movie Zoology (2016)

Movie Zoology (2016)

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Movie Zoology (2016)
SynopsisMiddle-aged zoo worker Natasha still lives with her mother in a small coastal town.
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Movie Tomcat (2016)

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Movie Tomcat (2016)
SynopsisAndreas and Stefan lead a happy and passionate life: Together with their beloved tomcat
Permalink to Movie Echoes of War (2015)
Movie Echoes of War (2015)
SynopsisA Civil War veteran returns home to the quiet countryside, only to find himself
Permalink to Movie Cast Away (2000)

Movie Cast Away (2000)

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Movie Cast Away (2000)
SynopsisA FedEx executive must transform himself physically and emotionally to survive a crash landing
Permalink to Movie Rules Don’t Apply (2016)
Movie Rules Don’t Apply (2016)
SynopsisThe unconventional love story of an aspiring actress, her ambitious driver, and their eccentric
Permalink to Movie Moana (2016)

Movie Moana (2016)

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Movie Moana (2016)
SynopsisIn Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by the Demigod Maui reaches Moana's
Permalink to Movie Bad Santa 2 (2016)
Movie Bad Santa 2 (2016)
SynopsisFueled by cheap whiskey, greed and hatred, Willie teams up once again with his