Barbara Hershey

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Movie Swing Kids (1993)

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Movie Swing Kids (1993)
SynopsisA close-knit group of young kids in Nazi Germany listen to banned swing music
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Movie The Entity (1982)

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Movie The Entity (1982)
SynopsisA woman is tormented and sexually molested by an invisible demon. Genre : Biography,
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Movie Tin Men (1987)

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Movie Tin Men (1987)
SynopsisA minor car accident drives two rival aluminum-siding salesmen to the ridiculous extremes of
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Movie The Stunt Man (1980)
SynopsisA fugitive stumbles on a movie set just when they need a new stunt
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Movie Falling Down (1993)
SynopsisAn unemployed defense worker frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society, begins
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Movie Boxcar Bertha (1972)
SynopsisDuring the Great Depression, a union leader and a young woman become criminals to
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Movie Beaches (1988)

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Movie Beaches (1988)
SynopsisA privileged rich debutante and a cynical struggling entertainer share a turbulent, but strong
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Movie Black Swan (2010)

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Movie Black Swan (2010)
SynopsisA committed dancer wins the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake"
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Movie Last of the Dogmen (1995)
SynopsisA Montana bounty hunter is sent into the wilderness to track three escaped prisoners.