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Movie Barney Thomson (2015)
SynopsisBarney Thomson, awkward, diffident, Glasgow barber, lives a life of desperate mediocrity and his
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Movie A Simple Favor (2018)
SynopsisStephanie is a single mother with a parenting vlog who befriends Emily, a secretive
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Movie The Predator (2018)

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Movie The Predator (2018)
SynopsisWhen a young boy accidentally triggers the universe's most lethal hunters' return to Earth,
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Movie Seclusion (2018)

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Movie Seclusion (2018)
SynopsisFeeling lost and lonely after a tragic loss years prior, Ben lives out his
Permalink to Movie What Keeps You Alive (2018)
Movie What Keeps You Alive (2018)
SynopsisMajestic mountains, a still lake and venomous betrayals engulf a female married couple attempting
Permalink to Movie The Ninth Passenger (2018)
Movie The Ninth Passenger (2018)
SynopsisTHE NINTH PASSENGER - A group of salacious students party aboard a luxury yacht
Permalink to Movie Making a Killing (2018)
Movie Making a Killing (2018)
SynopsisThree morticians get caught in a web of greed and deceit, involving buried treasure
Permalink to Movie Her Stolen Past (2018)
Movie Her Stolen Past (2018)
SynopsisWhen Sonya Daniels finds the birth certificate of a kidnapped baby, hidden in her
Permalink to Movie Love on Safari (2018)
Movie Love on Safari (2018)
SynopsisWhen Kira Slater inherits an Animal Reserve in South Africa she must decide whether
Permalink to Movie Our House (2018)

Movie Our House (2018)

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Movie Our House (2018)
SynopsisA young genius accidentally invents a device that amplifies the paranormal activity within his
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Movie The Row (2018)

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Movie The Row (2018)
SynopsisA college freshman discovers a dark secret about the sorority house she's pledging for
Permalink to Movie Dracula in Love (2018)
Movie Dracula in Love (2018)
SynopsisSex, Drugs, Rock and Roll - Dracula, and Then You Die. Genre : Fantasy,
Permalink to Movie Murdered at 17 (2018)
Movie Murdered at 17 (2018)
SynopsisPretty and popular, seventeen-year-old Brooke Emerson is the envy of her classmates--and even some
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Movie Paper Year (2018)

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Movie Paper Year (2018)
SynopsisYoung newlyweds encounter a series of challenges during the first year of their marriage.
Permalink to Movie On the Ropes (2018)
Movie On the Ropes (2018)
SynopsisFollowing the sudden death of their father, two brothers realize the greatest threat to
Permalink to Movie Distorted (2018)

Movie Distorted (2018)

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Movie Distorted (2018)
SynopsisA couple moves to an isolated, modern, safe apartment building with CCTV after the
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Movie Frat Pack (2018)

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Movie Frat Pack (2018)
SynopsisA shy British graduate gets dragged on a wild road trip across America to
Permalink to Movie Gotti (2018)

Movie Gotti (2018)

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Movie Gotti (2018)
SynopsisThe story of crime boss John Gotti and his son. Genre : Biography, Crime,
Permalink to Movie The Sweetheart (2018)
Movie The Sweetheart (2018)
SynopsisHeartbroken over her parents' breakup and recovering from a car accident, Jane becomes increasingly
Permalink to Movie Black Water (2018)

Movie Black Water (2018)

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Movie Black Water (2018)
SynopsisA deep cover operative awakens to find himself imprisoned in a CIA black site
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Movie eHero (2018)

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Movie eHero (2018)
SynopsisAn up-and-coming video gamer faces his greatest challenge yet as he and his team
Permalink to Movie The Hollow Child (2017)
Movie The Hollow Child (2017)
SynopsisA troubled foster teen, Samantha, works to expose a dangerous supernatural impostor in her
Permalink to Movie Gray Matter (2018)
Movie Gray Matter (2018)
SynopsisSince the 1940s, alien beings known as "GRAYS" have been sighted around the globe