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Movie The Square (2017)

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Movie The Square (2017)
SynopsisA prestigious Stockholm museum's chief art curator finds himself in times of both professional
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Movie Kill Skills (2016)

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Movie Kill Skills (2016)
SynopsisN/A Genre : Thriller Runtime : 115 min Actors : Virgile Bramly, Sã¸ren Poppel,
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Movie Darkland (2017)

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Movie Darkland (2017)
SynopsisA successful doctor who loses his little brother in a gang-related assault gives up
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Movie Small Town Killers (2017)
SynopsisThe two tradesmen Ib and Edward are tired of their lifeless marriages and dream
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Movie Strings (2004)

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Movie Strings (2004)
SynopsisA prince leaves his city and sets off to avenge his father not aware
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Movie What We Become (2015)
SynopsisA family of four is quarantined in their home as a virulent strand of
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Movie The Day Will Come (2016)
SynopsisAt the Orphanage Godhavn violence and humiliations plays a part of the everyday life.
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Movie Antboy 3 (2016)

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Movie Antboy 3 (2016)
SynopsisExofarm has a new CEO. The new CEO wants to control the world. Antboy
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Movie The Model (2016)

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Movie The Model (2016)
SynopsisEmma, an emerging model, struggles to enter the Parisian fashion scene and develops a
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Movie The Green Berets (1968)
SynopsisCol. Mike Kirby picks two teams of crack Green Berets for a mission in
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Movie The Salvation (2014)
SynopsisIn 1870s America, the fury of a notorious gang leader is unleashed when a
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Movie For My Brother (2014)
SynopsisThe two brothers Aske (17 years old) and Bastian (12 years old) live with
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Movie Copenhagen (2014)

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Movie Copenhagen (2014)
SynopsisWhen the girl of your dreams is half your age, it's time to grow
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Movie The Homesman (2014)
SynopsisThree women who have been driven mad by pioneer life are to be transported
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Movie High Fidelity (2000)
SynopsisRob, a record store owner and compulsive list maker, recounts his top five breakups,
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Movie Ironclad (2011)

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Movie Ironclad (2011)
SynopsisIn 13th-century England, a Knights Templar and few of the Barons men, fight to
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Movie Phenomena (1985)

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Movie Phenomena (1985)
SynopsisA young girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects, is transferred to
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Movie White Squall (1996)
SynopsisTeenage boys discover discipline and camaraderie on an ill-fated sailing voyage. Genre : Adventure,
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Movie The International (2009)
SynopsisAn Interpol agent attempts to expose a high-profile financial institution's role in an international
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Movie After the Wedding (2006)
SynopsisA manager of an orphanage in India is sent to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he