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Movie Widows (2018)

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Movie Widows (2018)
SynopsisSet in contemporary Chicago, amid a time of turmoil, four women with nothing in
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Movie Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
SynopsisHobbs has Dominic and Brian reassemble their crew to take down a team of
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Movie Assassin’s Creed (2016)
SynopsisCallum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha and gains the
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Movie Night School (2018)
SynopsisA group of troublemakers are forced to attend night school in hope that they'll
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Movie The Predator (2018)
SynopsisWhen a young boy accidentally triggers the universe's most lethal hunters' return to Earth,
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Movie Peppermint (2018)

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Movie Peppermint (2018)
SynopsisFive years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of
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Movie Perdida (2018)

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Movie Perdida (2018)
SynopsisIt is based on the novel by Florencia Etcheves "Cornelia", in which a teacher
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Movie Top Cat Begins (2015)
SynopsisTop Cat has arrived to charm his way into your hearts. Ever wonder how
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Movie Romina (2018)

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Movie Romina (2018)
SynopsisA shocking assault inspires horrific violence when a group of teens encounters a girl
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Movie Joel (2018)

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Movie Joel (2018)
SynopsisUnable to have kids of their own, Cecilia and Diego get a call from
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Movie Overboard (2018)

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Movie Overboard (2018)
SynopsisA spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge
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Movie Lowlife (2017)

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Movie Lowlife (2017)
SynopsisThe sordid lives of an addict, an ex-con, and a luchador collide when an
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Movie The 4th Company (2016)
SynopsisZambrano is a juvenile offender that when arrives to the penitentiary only longs to
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Movie Madame (2017)

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Movie Madame (2017)
SynopsisAdding a little spice to a waning marriage, Anne and Bob, a wealthy and
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Movie Gringo (2018)

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Movie Gringo (2018)
SynopsisGRINGO, a dark comedy mixed with white-knuckle action and dramatic intrigue, explores the battle
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Movie Beast of Burden (2018)
SynopsisSean Haggerty only has an hour to deliver his illegal cargo. An hour to
Permalink to Movie A Fantastic Woman (2017)
Movie A Fantastic Woman (2017)
SynopsisMarina, a transgender woman who works as a waitress and moonlights as a nightclub
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Movie 12 Strong (2018)

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Movie 12 Strong (2018)
Synopsis12 Strong tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan
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Movie Escape from Ensenada (2017)
SynopsisTwo Southern California College Students plot their escape after being kidnapped by a human
Permalink to Movie The Commuter (2018)
Movie The Commuter (2018)
SynopsisAn Insurance Salesman/Ex-Cop is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute
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Movie Downsizing (2017)

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Movie Downsizing (2017)
SynopsisA social satire in which a man realizes he would have a better life
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Movie Ferdinand (2017)

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Movie Ferdinand (2017)
SynopsisAfter Ferdinand, a bull with a big heart, is mistaken for a dangerous beast,
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Movie Lady Bird (2017)

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Movie Lady Bird (2017)
SynopsisIn 2002, an artistically inclined seventeen-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California. Genre
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Movie Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017)
SynopsisRoman J. Israel, Esq., a driven, idealistic defense attorney, finds himself in a tumultuous
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Movie Coco (2017)

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Movie Coco (2017)
SynopsisAspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land
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Movie The Florida Project (2017)
SynopsisSet over one summer, the film follows precocious six-year-old Moonee as she courts mischief