Permalink to Movie Boogie Woogie (2009)
Movie Boogie Woogie (2009)
SynopsisA comedy of manners set against the backdrop of contemporary London and the international
Permalink to Movie The Pool Boys (2009)
Movie The Pool Boys (2009)
SynopsisA pool boy and a gardener turn an empty mansion into a home for
Permalink to Movie Chatterbox (2009)

Movie Chatterbox (2009)

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Movie Chatterbox (2009)
SynopsisA young girl enters the Chatterbox competition to prove that she can be more
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Movie Mr. Nobody (2009)

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Movie Mr. Nobody (2009)
SynopsisA boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave.
Permalink to Movie Solomon Kane (2009)
Movie Solomon Kane (2009)
SynopsisA ruthless mercenary renounces violence after learning his soul is bound for hell. When
Permalink to Movie The House of the Devil (2009)
Movie The House of the Devil (2009)
SynopsisIn 1983, financially struggling college student Samantha Hughes takes a strange babysitting job that
Permalink to Movie The Jerk Theory (2009)
Movie The Jerk Theory (2009)
SynopsisThe lead singer/guitarist of a high school rock band openly and unapologetically proclaims himself
Permalink to Movie The Mighty Macs (2009)
Movie The Mighty Macs (2009)
SynopsisIn the early 70s, Cathy Rush becomes the head basketball coach at a tiny,
Permalink to Movie Forget Me Not (2009)
Movie Forget Me Not (2009)
SynopsisRecent high school graduates become prey of the vengeful spirit of an innocent girl
Permalink to Movie Evil Things (2009)
Movie Evil Things (2009)
SynopsisOn January 9, 2009, five college students left New York City for a weekend
Permalink to Movie Deadfall Trail (2009)
Movie Deadfall Trail (2009)
SynopsisThe tough, no-nonsense Julian and his more laid-back friend John are a couple of
Permalink to Movie Wake Wood (2009)

Movie Wake Wood (2009)

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Movie Wake Wood (2009)
SynopsisThe parents of a girl who was killed by a savage dog are granted
Permalink to Movie Collapse (2009)

Movie Collapse (2009)

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Movie Collapse (2009)
SynopsisA documentary on Michael Ruppert, a police officer turned independent reporter who predicted the
Permalink to Movie Chain Letter (2009)
Movie Chain Letter (2009)
SynopsisA maniac murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mail. Genre : Horror,
Permalink to Movie Sweet Karma (2009)
Movie Sweet Karma (2009)
SynopsisA mute Russian girl infiltrates Toronto's underground sex trade to avenge the death of
Permalink to Movie Down Terrace (2009)
Movie Down Terrace (2009)
SynopsisA crime family looks to unmask the police informant in their midst who threatens
Permalink to Movie Nowhere Boy (2009)
Movie Nowhere Boy (2009)
SynopsisA chronicle of John Lennon's first years, focused mainly in his adolescence and his
Permalink to Movie The New Daughter (2009)
Movie The New Daughter (2009)
SynopsisA single father moves his two children to rural South Carolina, only to watch
Permalink to Movie Zone of the Dead (2009)
Movie Zone of the Dead (2009)
SynopsisInterPol agents must join forces with dangerous prisoner to fight zombie hordes. Genre :
Permalink to Movie The Thaw (2009)

Movie The Thaw (2009)

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Movie The Thaw (2009)
SynopsisA research expedition to the Arctic discovers that a melting polar ice cap has
Permalink to Movie Leaves of Grass (2009)
Movie Leaves of Grass (2009)
SynopsisAn Ivy League professor is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown, where his twin
Permalink to Movie Get Low (2009)

Movie Get Low (2009)

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Movie Get Low (2009)
SynopsisA movie spun out of equal parts folk tale, fable and real-life legend about
Permalink to Movie After.Life (2009)

Movie After.Life (2009)

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Movie After.Life (2009)
SynopsisAfter a car accident, a young woman who is caught between life and death,
Permalink to Movie The Tournament (2009)
Movie The Tournament (2009)
SynopsisA tournament is watched by dozens of wealthy men betting on which one of
Permalink to Movie I Am Love (2009)

Movie I Am Love (2009)

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Movie I Am Love (2009)
SynopsisEmma left Russia to live with her husband in Italy. Now a member of
Permalink to Movie The Maiden Heist (2009)
Movie The Maiden Heist (2009)
SynopsisA comedy centered on three museum security guards who devise a plan to steal