Permalink to Movie The Drownsman (2014)
Movie The Drownsman (2014)
SynopsisAfter almost drowning in a lake, Madison finds herself bound to a life of
Permalink to Movie A Bit of Bad Luck (2014)
Movie A Bit of Bad Luck (2014)
SynopsisA wealthy heiress to a lumber company finds a diabolical way to get back
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Movie Downshift (2014)

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Movie Downshift (2014)
SynopsisTwo estranged brothers hit the road in a cross-country race that will both define
Permalink to Movie Dig Two Graves (2014)
Movie Dig Two Graves (2014)
SynopsisAfter her brother's tragic death a young girl meets three men who claim they
Permalink to Movie The Quiet Hour (2014)
Movie The Quiet Hour (2014)
SynopsisIn the aftermath of an alien invasion, a feisty teenage girl sets out to
Permalink to Movie Sugar Daddies (2014)
Movie Sugar Daddies (2014)
SynopsisFor a group of college-aged girls who "hang out" with creepy businessmen old enough
Permalink to Movie Dead Sea (2014)

Movie Dead Sea (2014)

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Movie Dead Sea (2014)
SynopsisA Marine Biologist is assigned to investigate the mysterious deaths of marine life in
Permalink to Movie Salad Days (2014)

Movie Salad Days (2014)

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Movie Salad Days (2014)
Synopsis"Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC (1980-90)" examines the early DIY
Permalink to Movie Honeytrap (2014)

Movie Honeytrap (2014)

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Movie Honeytrap (2014)
SynopsisIn Brixton, London, 15-year-old Layla gets sucked into gang activity. Genre : Crime, Drama,
Permalink to Movie Starship: Apocalypse (2014)
Movie Starship: Apocalypse (2014)
SynopsisThe Overseer, Ruler of the Federation, wants to enslave the rebellious worlds with an
Permalink to Movie House of Manson (2014)
Movie House of Manson (2014)
SynopsisAn unflinching chronicle of Charles Manson's life leading up to the orchestration of the
Permalink to Movie Unknown Caller (2014)
Movie Unknown Caller (2014)
SynopsisA psychopath uses a family's high tech security system with a ticking time bomb
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Movie Clown (2014)

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Movie Clown (2014)
SynopsisA loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to
Permalink to Movie The Silent Storm (2014)
Movie The Silent Storm (2014)
SynopsisAn enigmatic outsider living on a remote Scottish island finds herself caught between her
Permalink to Movie Big Stone Gap (2014)
Movie Big Stone Gap (2014)
SynopsisIn a small town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, self-proclaimed spinster Ave
Permalink to Movie Search Party (2014)
Movie Search Party (2014)
SynopsisA pair of friends embark on a mission to reunite their pal with the
Permalink to Movie Desert Dancer (2014)
Movie Desert Dancer (2014)
SynopsisAfshin Ghaffarian risks everything to start a dance company amidst his home country of
Permalink to Movie Glassland (2014)

Movie Glassland (2014)

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Movie Glassland (2014)
SynopsisSet in Dublin, 'Glassland' tells the story of a young taxi driver who gets
Permalink to Movie Sand Castles (2014)
Movie Sand Castles (2014)
SynopsisIn rural Indiana, Noah and his impoverished family wrestle with the mysterious return of
Permalink to Movie House of Bodies (2014)
Movie House of Bodies (2014)
SynopsisA detective works to solve a case involving a young deaf boy and a
Permalink to Movie Cut Her Out (2014)
Movie Cut Her Out (2014)
SynopsisPlagued by nightmares and obsessive sleepwalking, Darcy Baker can't purge her mind of the
Permalink to Movie Black Mountain Side (2014)
Movie Black Mountain Side (2014)
SynopsisBlack Mountain Side follows a group of archaeologists after they uncover a strange structure
Permalink to Movie The Scarehouse (2014)
Movie The Scarehouse (2014)
SynopsisTwo years after a tragic accident, six college girls are invited to a party
Permalink to Movie Apocalypse Pompeii (2014)
Movie Apocalypse Pompeii (2014)
SynopsisMount Vesuvius erupts when a family visits Pompeii. The daughter uses her skill and